I really need to visit my sister. It has been far too long since I’ve gone to see her, and I’m worried about how she’s doing. The last time I saw my her, she was in the hospital. She had suffered a heart attack.

She rarely leaves her house. She is on disability due to a back injury she sustained on the job years ago. Her car is down, and neither she nor her husband, nor both of them combined can afford repairs. Her husband is on disability too. Their son is a terror, they can’t leave him alone in the house or he’ll steal their medicine.

Their neighborhood has a lot of crime. I have heard gunshots. I have seen drug deals going on. I have had people offer to sell me drugs. I hear story after story from my sister and her family, about how crazy the neighborhood is.

It’s a scary, dismal situation.

I sometimes wonder what I could do to help. I don’t have money. All I can give is advice, but that doesn’t help much. The advice probably isn’t that great anyway. I have suggested that she move…but…where can she move? She’d move from one bad neighborhood to another bad neighborhood. They don’t have a reliable car, so they can’t move way out in the sticks like I did. I drive them around on errands when I visit, I have given money and paid for stuff…I don’t know…what can you do…

It’s not completely hopeless, and they’re not completely helpless. The husband gets out and runs errands, he rides a bike. They are close enough to a bus stop, and the busing is not too bad there…as far as buses go… if you don’t mind a three-hour commitment for a trip that would take 40 minutes if you had a car.

I don’t know…I gotta just get up there and visit… Their house is usually a disaster, and their dog is an asshole. What can ya do…family is family and you gotta keep in touch with family…


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