Fire Me! Please!

I don’t belong in this job I have. It feels that way anyway. I’ve walked off this job twice basically, but they’ve ‘taken me back’ both times. I make mistakes sometimes, and they seem like a bad mistakes, but life goes on somehow.

For some reason, they have not found it necessary to try to replace me. I do not know why that is. I do not have the hardest job, but it does require a unique set of know-how, a unique set of knowledge. They’re too lazy to find somebody as cheap as me who knows what I know. I guess if I was whining and crying for more money all the time, they would try to replace me. But: I keep myself cheap, and I continue to accumulate know-how so they keep me around. I don’t complain much. When it gets to be too much, I just kind of shut down (or walk off).

If you ask me if I like my job, probably 80 percent of the time I would say no.

Why don’t you find another job? People ask me that. I have hated every job I’ve ever had for the most part. I have always complained about my jobs.


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