An Acre with a Push Mower

The first job I ever had was mowing lawns. I haven’t mowed a lawn, however, in years and years. I have always lived in apartments, ever since I moved out of my parents’ house for good. Now, however, I live on about an acre, and that grass needed some durn moving.

My mind would wander to all kinds of places when I was mowing grass as a kid. I used to think about go-carts and war and remote control cars and skateboards and girls I guess…and karate and wrestling and just about anything and everything. I was dreading mowing this acre out here, but once we assembled the lawn mower and got going, it was actually alright. It was meditation. There is a sense of accomplishment that you get visually – except when you lose track of where you were mowing…like when you get into patches of moss or whatever…

Well, I guess I’m here and doing it. I made it through the move and I’m in the new home doing my thing. Internet works so I can do my work. The lawn mowing situation is worked out. Laundry is done – it was did in town at the laundromat in a big ole coin machine. 

You know those times when you wish you could fast-forward time because you’re about to go through a bunch of stuff that you would rather fast-forward through? You wonder how it will turn out when you get to ….blah blah point in time…after the ‘hard times’… Well: I wonder if that time is now for me. Things are as they ‘should be’ – as I hoped they would be. Normalcy commence. I wonder if I did, in fact, fast-forward time. And this is how you end the fast-forward. By realizing you are where you want to be in the time-line. I said to myself, I wish I could fast-forward. I fast-forwarded. I said to myself, okay, I’m ready to end the fast-forward mode. It ended. Normal time resumed.

Really, though, no time is a wasted time and every moment is precious and divine and blah blah Buddhism crap ring a ding ding, but, yeah, this is how it’s done. You just hit fast-forward, and then at some time in the future, you hit ‘stop’ on the fast’forward. And you have then fast-forwarded. Or, maybe those times I fast-forwarded through were the times when I was at my most present. And now that I have hit ‘stop’ on the fast-forward, I am now jacked up again. Who knows/cares, right?


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6 Responses to An Acre with a Push Mower

  1. I live in an apartment now and sometimes I miss mowing, which sounds ridiculous, but you’re right. It’s therapy in a way, to just go out, put your headphones in, and do the damn thing. You’re also right about the patches of moss, or the shaded areas where you can’t tell what the hell’s going on, just time to wing it. Interesting perspective on fast-forwarding, too. Great post!

  2. Blue290 says:

    Finally! Someone “gets it”. (The getting lost in the thoughts thing while mowing. 🙂 I have lived mini-lifetimes while cutting the grass. No wonder I am so drained afterwards.

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