Small Town Theater

The plan is to live out in the country, outside the metro area, and then to ease our way in closer until we find our perfect place.

This is how I did DC. I lived in Laurel, MD – about 30 minutes out of DC. As I got to know the area, I moved in closer. It’s cheaper and easier out in the country, but the commute can wear on you. (My commute currently, however, is from bedroom to couch…switch on computer…I’m there).

One complication might be this: We might start to like this little town we are ‘staging’ our transition in. They have a cool cool cool theater. It was built in the 1920s, and it was on the vaudeville circuit. It was a touring house for burlesque shows. It has closed and reopened over the years, and currently, it seems to be a pretty active and vibrant spot. I’d like to volunteer there.

The last time I ‘exerted myself’ in a theater, the situation was this: I was in college. It was 3am one morning after lots and lots of drinking…somebody had accidentally left the front door of the university experimental theater unlocked…my drunk friends and I walked in the front door…we tried on wigs and costumes and had a fire extinguisher fight. I ended up enrolling in an acting class there, and a set construction class…but I dropped. I was just too busy.


Anyway…this small town. That bigger town we thought we wanted to move to.

Anyway anyway.


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