At the New Home

Well, we’re here. We’re here in our new home. Home is a mobile home in former farmer country. I mean, I think there are still active farms here, but I don’t know what is what yet.

I have been a real bastard at certain points during this move. It was so incredibly hot during this move, you could only work an hour at a time before you were fully depleted in the Florida heat. It’s freakishly hot even up here, three states north of the hellish hot Florida we left behind.

I was so afraid my car would come unhitched from the uHaul truck and come coasting past me… driverless, diving off i-95 into some Georgia or South Carolina swamp. It seemed like a flimsy rig, the uHaul tow dolly. These fabric straps hold the front wheels of your car on top of a two-wheel trailer, and you just hope and pray.

I had a major panic when we got here because my cat immediately disappeared. She was just gone. I thought she had slipped out and was being shredded by wolves, but she had found a hiding spot in a dead space between cabinets. I searched and searched… freaked out and cried, but I found her finally.

The usual sleep problems have me on the couch Swype typing this post on my phone, and my thumb is getting tired.

There is something moving between some boxes across the room, and I hope it’s my cat, and not…nevermind…


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