Today we get the uhaul truck. The last time I moved, I took a five-day weekend, and I stayed stoned the whole time. THAT move was powered completely by THC. I had to move all of my own crap at time.

That’s when I met my neighbor. He popped out of his apartment when I was moving stuff up the steps. We talked and talked, and at one point, I invited him inside. I worried he would smell the smoke from the last bowl I had smoked, but it turned out that he smoked too.

This time I won’t be able to smoke pot while I move. First of all, I don’t have any pot. Secondly, I might be facing a pre-employment drug test at some point soon. Third, the pot these days sometimes tends to give me anxiety attacks or panic attacks.

Smokin dope

sure did make things easier

that last time moving though.


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