Moving Away from Florida



This seems like an appropriate ‘good bye to Florida’ picture. This is a lake out where my friend lives. My friend was standing there, and I took a large index card out of my car. We each wrote some goofy stuff on it, and I folded it up and put it into a plastic vending machine capsule. I threw it out into the lake. I could tell by the way the Spanish Moss was swaying that the breeze would take it out and away.

It was sad when I drove away from my friend’s place.

Earlier in the day, we were drinking beers in this bar, and we met this guy, a drunk guy. He was drinking Long Island Ice Tea’s, one after another. I talked to the guy a bit, and it turns out he went to the rival high school. I mean, those guys hated us. The guy graduated from his high school a couple years ahead of me. I asked him what sports he played, and he said he wrestled. There’s a chance I actually wrestled the guy in a scrimmage. We were asking each other about people from our two high schools…do you know So and So? Do you know Blah Blah? I gave the dude my number, but I told him I’m moving soon, so . . . you know . . . whatever. The guy was super cool and funny. He definitely brought the party with him. He had quite an adventure that day, he arrived at the bar by boat. He had passed through three or four lakes, through the lock system in that chain of lakes there. I hope he made it how without wrecking his boat and getting devoured by alligators. I mean, this guy was tanked.

Anyway. It’s hard to say good bye to friends, it’s hard to move away. It sucks when you meet somebody right before you move, somebody who seems like they’d be a cool friend. I guess it just shows that friendships will be made and had no matter where you go if you’re open to them.

Bye Florida! Great place to visit, but I can’t live here no more.



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