Knowledge Is Not Power?

Understanding means throwing away your knowledge.

–Thich Nhat Hanh


Well what the hell does that mean? I really should read the full texts instead of just trying to live by these little quotes, these little pieces of bigger, greater wholes. My lifetime seeker, know-it-all friend once tried to explain this to me, and it has something to do with some tree.

No, I think I sort of get it. Don’t clutter your brains with all of this knowledge. Remain empty…that good kind of empty where there is infinite space within you for the realization and actualization of anything and everything. Knowledge hinders. When you think you have all the knowledge, and you think you have it all figured out, that is when you’re screwed. I’m sure I am not getting it right, but the idea -by definition- is not to be to knowledgeable about it, I guess.

Self-help and awareness and ‘now-ness’  – – this is a zillion dollar a year industry. Much effort and much knowledge goes into this…into telling us to not be so knowledgeable. Stop all the thinkin. Stop all the seekin. The seekin never leads anywhere but to more questions that don’t really mean anything. All that thinkin – it’s bad.

I like the way this is presented in the lyrics of the following song. . . at least…that’s my takeaway from this song. .. that all this thinking that our brains do – – it is just a bunch of goofy noise that we can laugh at, we can sit back and watch the goofy stuff our brain comes up with and just laugh at it and not follow it, not ‘pay it any mind’


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