Losing My Social Skills

I am losing my social skills. I do not get out enough. I have been trying to work from home for weeks, so I don’t really ‘go’ anywhere for work. I don’t have a lot of friends, so my social life doesn’t take me out of this apartment. It’s so hot out lately…and buggy…and stormy; so there’s not much desire to go out just to go out.

When I do go out, I notice that I get confused or anxious more quickly. I have to concentrate when I am out. Some of the skills one takes for granted when out in public – I have to concentrate intently on them: How to move about the aisles in a store without blocking others…or bumping into others …or getting overly anxious when somebody ‘jumps in front of me’ …that kind of thing – I have to really focus in order to be able to keep going with the flow and not drop everything and storm out and run to my car and peel out of the parking lot.

There’s a great post at a Psychology Today blog that is related to this subject. The blog is called “The Introvert’s Corner,” (I love it!), and here’s the article.


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