The funds from my my 401k finally hit my account. The drinks are on me, party people. I now have enough cash to last a year, if I live frugally. I’m not even going to disclose how much money I ‘lost’ by cashing out. That job situation was just not sustainable (the conditions were horrible). I need cash – right now. The job search has not gone well, so I’m not rolling over funds…I got nowhere to roll em to. I’m facing some lean times between jobs, it looks like.

I will probably never be able to retire. I will fall out of my chair dead at work, in my cubicle…making data entry errors all the way to the end. That’s my retirement plan – dying. I’m not the only one facing this prospect.

I have one payment left on my car.

My lease here ends in six weeks.

We have a new home lined up in the next place, in the next state, the deposit check is mailed.

I still haven’t been paid for my part-time, remote work – a month’s work in June. My old boss was really yankin me. First he said submit an invoice each week. Then he said submit one every two weeks. Then he said submit one monthly. Next, I’m sure he’ll say submit one at the end of the year… I still have their computer though, those bastards. Maybe they do intend to pay me, I don’t know. Maybe there was mass red tape getting my contractor thing together. I remember when I worked there full-time, the way that they dealt with contractors. They play a mean game of dirty pool. I ain’t doing another goddam thing for them until I see a check. 

All there is to do right now is read blogs, write blog posts, meditate, go for walks and make nine hour drives to the new place to explore and hopefully interview for a job. Something in an air conditioned environment with high cubicle walls and brain dead work, and zero internet usage monitoring, would be great.

Now is the perfect time to live in my wannabe writer fantasy…at least for a while…


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