So here I sit. I’m stuck. I’m waiting on a cash-out. I’m worried about spending any money at all, I’m pretty broke, and I’m not really working much at all. The place we’re moving to is nine hours away, it takes lots of gas and at least one night’s motel stay…so…going up there and scouting around again is not really an option right now. My work from home status is kind of a joke. Some of the same nags are nagging me, just like before, but I have special powers of ‘oblivion’ now…ignore them with extreme prejudice…”keep your hours down,” I was told…and I am obeying that order. No, I am not going to study the reasons that your data request from four months ago has a count that is 4% lower than the count of your data request from two months ago. I am going to ignore you and your emails. And anyway, I am too busy honoring the memory of James Garner right now (netflixing…Rockford Files). I have work skype turned on in case anybody in my ‘work inner circle’ contacts me. But basically, I’m chillin. Deep mega chillin. I considered going to the beach or something. But that requires gas…and time. I know I would get out there and some work issue would start blowing up in the skypes.


I don’t mind sitting around here …just taking time to get my mind right. My thing is pretty shot.

I might roam around the malls or strip malls or whatever around here. Or I’ll just read blogs. I should at least go for a walk. Or, I could apply for jobs. Or I could write stuff.

I don’t mind sitting. I don’t mind poverty. I’m sure there’s some Buddhism thing I could read that would make me feel great about all this simplicity and ascetic stuff.


About HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.
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