Moving to the Country

We are going to simply, my girlfriend and I. We are moving to a very rural area in another state. We are going to rent this mobile home for $450 a month. We are renting the place on a month to month basis, so we will be able to move out with very short notice once we find something more permanent.

This place is actually about 30 minutes from a major technology hub, a metro area that scored very highly for both of us on some surveys we took online, and the like. I figure we can live out there cheaply and easily — for a while — and then we can make our move into the city. We’ll bombard the area with resumes from out there, and we’ll have easy access for any interviews we manage to set up. I’ll still be working remote…online…for my former full-time employer. It’s part-time now though. My boss told me to keep my hours down, keep myself under budget…which…is perfectly fine with me — for now. The work will be just as difficult, but there will be less of it. It will be a kind of vacation — a part-time, working vacation, out in the country.

Four-fifty a month. We can hold that place down with ease.

The thing about that area, though, is there might be a bit of a crime element. My sister lived right near there, right down the street. No serious crime was committed, but some guy kept coming up onto her porch. There was even this one time when she pulled into the yard in the middle of the day, and the guy was there, standing on her porch. The guy just looked at her and then walked off into the woods. Crazy shit. The shit happened one time when I was in town visiting her. I was asleep in her house, and I woke up out of a dead sleep. I heard footsteps out on her porch. As I was coming out of my slumber, for some reason, the first thought I had was that it was a ghost. Finally my head cleared, and I got up to look out the window. The floor was pretty creaky though, and the guy must have heard me. He left.

This was a very old farm house. It had a very weird floorplan. It was shaped like the letter ‘L,’ and it had several doors to the outside coming from various rooms of the house. I have no idea how old the place was. I think it must have been the living quarters for three or four families of farm workers (slaves maybe…?…). All of the quarters were combined into one dwelling, in later days, and the place was rented as a single family dwelling. It’s just an odd sort of house.

I do not currently own a gun, but I might consider strapping up. …Wow… I can’t imagine having to shoot at somebody. I’ve only owned a gun once in my life, and it creeped me out so bad just having it around. I ended up pawning it. I don’t know, maybe that was an isolated incident – the guy coming up on her porch.

But maybe we are not simplifying. Maybe we are getting ourselves into a weird, tricky situation. It’s so cheap…what can you expect when you go cheap…


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