I sometimes try to think that I can distance myself from coworkers. I do this because, most likely, I would never hang around with these people if I did not work with them. This is not the type of person I’d have as a friend. I am just thrown into a building willy-nilly with all these people.

But: The human things about them affect and infect you: the laughs you maybe had, the disagreement that ended up working out alright or not alright but who cares. These are the people we meet in life. So what if look at them and make a dumb assessment that we’d never associate with them. The more you hang around them, the more you kind of become like them – and you get away from that idea of the self that would not be like them.

But then also: Once you leave a workplace, what percent of those fuckers are you never in contact with again and maybe never even think of you again…

…too much thinkin when you work from home…


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