I’m a shut-in now.

I have barely left this apartment all week now that I work from home. I predict possible problems. I could get really isolated, obviously. I could lose a lot of the social skill or strength I have worked at recently. I could take the few relationships that I have with people and really overemphasize everthying about them: think, rethink, and overthink everything. I’ll drive these people crazy or drive them away…or I’ll even isolate myself from them.

I’m not all that worried.

There are also terrific opportunities here. I can do lots and lots of writing. I mean: I feel the need to really hustle – so that employers don’t think I’m just screwing around here – so that I’ll be able to keep this arrangement going – but I am part-time. That means there will be time left over. I can do lots and lots of writing. I can get my head straight (straighter…it’s pretty straight right now…aside from occasional anxiety…anxiety I am usually able to step out of…or step away from -enough- to where it wears off.)

All these transitions. All these adjustment phases. Adjusting to working from home. Soon I’ll be adjusting to the new town, the new home. Adjusting to being away from these few friends that I have. Some of these real world friendships will turn into online friendships I hope…if I can get these knuckleheads to steadily appear and post online that is.


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