I’ll be poor probably.

I walked off the job, and do you know how they punished me? They allowed me to work from home.

I became a contractor. I don’t have healthcare. I will have to produce an invoice and submit that to them. I hope they don’t be getting tardy with the payment of this invoice. 

I have lots of 401k money I can live off of too for the next year as I get settled in to the next thing. I’m pretty sure I will never retire. Or if I do, I will be a brutally poor old person. Or, I will just work until I die – I’ll work where ever they’ll have me. I see a lot of retirees working as grocery baggers. I hope I am able enough to do something. One retirement plan has been to buy a big house that I can split into units, and I’ll rent out the units. Who knows. I’ll probably be really mad at myself when I get old for being such an idiot when I was young. But I can work productively for another twenty years at what I currently do I think. And if I stay in this, I should be able to save some money from it.

Lately it’s all about setting up living arrangements. I’ve been hustling to make sure I have enough money coming in. I’ve been making plans for the big move to the next nice city. I’ve been staring at google maps, street view, going on virtual drives through neighborhoods in the new place. I’ve only been there a few times…I mean…I’ve been to my sister’s and my niece’s many times…but they live way out in the country – not right in the city where I eventually want to end up. My girlfriend is going to go there basically sight unseen. She hasn’t had a chance to go there really yet. She had an interview, and we drove back and forth to that from our hotel. But she’s going by what she’s read online and pictures online. I hope she likes it there. 


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