Sneak Blogs

I have had the same blog, a different blog than this one, since 2002. Over the years, various people in various settings have become aware of that longterm blog…people from settings online and offline in real life. 

I have started other blogs, many times, because I just didn’t feel comfortable writing about some things on my longterm blog.

This is one of those blogs. I started out with post number one talking about sex sex sex…and it felt stupid and super self indulgent and piggish. But it felt good too in certain ways. 

With my longterm blog: that started out anonymous and crazy…just a brain dump of everything. I had no intention of identifying myself or bonding with people. But it just kind of happened over the years. People came and commented and I went to their blogs and commented…and…inevitably…a sort of connection started and grew….and my bloggin buddies came to be more  to me than just people I was trying to shock or flash just one piece of myself to. Maybe that will happen on this blog too. Maybe that’s how blogs go…they go in cycles. You start out with something to say….that you don’t feel you can say anywhere else. Then you say more and more stuff. And you read more and more stuff from the people you interact with. And the connections flourish. And then they come to know all that you want them to know. But there’s more that you’re not saying. So you start a sneak blog. Again.


About HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.
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