Some more songs…

Tonik, by Tj Rehmi

This is another one I heard on Suburbs of Goa. I am loving that stream more and more.





Offspring Are Blank, by Dirty Projectors

I love the singing. And the weird lyrics too.



Apache Tears, by Arrocata

This is mood altering stuff, to me, who cares though.

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It didn’t take long to start the complaining process with the new job, did it. I guess that makes me a complainer, at least part time.


I was going through some old handwritten journals. They had lots of blank pages left in em. They had lots of time gaps in em. They had crazy stuff in them. I caught them up with some present day news and musings. It was like I was writing to my old self or some sci-fi type thing.


I have a tooth that feels weird. I hope it doesn’t become a problem.

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My Favorite Artists

I don’t know much about art, but I do have a list of artists’ names that I have been keeping. I see loads and loads of art posts on tumblr – and when I see stuff that I like, I save it to google keep:

Chisato Shinya


Anish Kapoor


Giordano Poloni


Austin Briggs


Doh-ho Suhzfirst

Elena Boils


Antony Gormley


Yelena Bryksenkova


Thomas Huber


Sergio Mora


Yue Minjun


Tom Hammick


David Avend
Wayne Thiebaud
Martin gale
Alexander Girard
Kawase Hasui
Chiharu Shiota
Miles Hyman
kohei nawa
Alicja Kwade
John Atkinson Grimshaw
Timothy Robert Smith
Thomas Huber
Leigh Sachwitz
willy verginer
Mustafa Duymaz
Gail Brodholt
Luciano Fabro
heather landis
michelle fleck
Andrew B. Myers
Alex Roulette
mauro perucchetti
Luiz Zerbini
Jonas wood

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I’m taking notes.

I listen to SomaFM a lot at work. I listen to the the ambient channel a lot on there, Drone Zone. I also listen to Beat Blender, (some catchy dancey electronic stuff), and Suburbs of Goa (surprisingly super cool electronics mashed up with traditional sounding Indian folk sounding’s great!). As I’m listening, if I hear a song that strikes me, I make a quick note in google keep.

Loop Guru, Buruk Burang- I think this song is minimal and cool and exotic. It puts me in some kind of weird state.


I think this song is soulful and dancey. It makes me want to dance and it makes me want to feel sexy: Lisa Shaw, Let It Ride (Jimpster remix)


And then there’s this one. Here’s some roots music from the Northern Cree Singers for you. I play this one before I go into all of my battles.




Darshan Ambient, Selfless – The more I listen to ambient music, the more I think these ambient music musicians really know what they’re doing. This song definitely puts me in a state. I’m thinking that these people really know what tones or pitches or whatever are needed…in order to….put you in a hypnotic state where you are convinced that you are standing in the middle of a vast field with a brisk breeze blowing, and your underwear are off.



Peter Kater, Flying Dream – This is some nice mellow music, if you don’t mind looking at this dude’s big dumb face at for 16 minutes and 21 seconds. You could just open another tab I guess.


Sometimes if I’m in too good of a mood, I start thinking everything is great, even when it’s not, including certain songs – like this: Jonn Serrie, Lumia Nights

I stream music a lot. I used to use Grooveshark, but they had to shut it down as part of a settlement. One school of thought says that streaming music steals money out of pockets of musicians. Maybe so. But I know that I started to buy much more music once music started streaming on line from various sources. With so much music available online -so much variety…stuff I’d never heard of…with that much variety streaming online, I got more INTO music, generally. So I bought more. Anyway, who cares.


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Songs. What’s the point of other stuff?

Might as well just post some songs, being that interactions here is pretty low.

I am the world’s worst blogger.

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Deer Hunter

I watched Deer Hunter over night. The movie gets reduced, in an unfair way, to the one crazy and perverse activity, you know, the Russian Roulette thing…

There are so many beautiful and moving moments in the movie though.

Maybe this scene is overly sentimental and over the top, but I liked it anyway.

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I was reading at Wikipedia about the year 1971. I wanted to know who died around then, so that I can know which souls may have jumped into my freshly born body.

You do know that the longer history goes on, and the more people die, and the more people become dead people, and the more souls become homeless –the more souls scramble to find a new home…more and more souls get packed into each newly born body. That’s what evolution means …partly …the mental side of evolution I mean …it is the packing of more and more souls into each newly born body. See, there are many more dead people than there are live ones, obviously. Where do you think all those extra souls go?

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